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Log Languages Supported:          

This site is designed to display PVP and PVE statistics in the game Life is Feudal MMO. All site services are adapted to the game version 0.2.0.
       This is a one-of-a-kind site demage meter for this game. This is not a mod, but a full-fledged web version of the damage meter game Life is Feudal MMO. Once you have uploaded the LOG of the game - both personal statistics are formed, and ratings are created for the battles in Open World PVP, battles in the Arena and Instance battles.
       For fans of PVE - a separate section was created where ratings are formed for the following classes of players in the game Life is Feudal MMO: Farmers, Foresters, Carpenters, Gatherers, Diggers, Miners, Blacksmiths.
      Fight, upload your log to the site and see how you are better than others.
How to use:
  1. If your log is more than 70 MB-use this loader "Large log loader"
  2. Click the "1.Select log" button and select the Life is Feudal MMO game session log.
  3. Logs are in the game folder in the following path:    "....\Life is Feudal MMO\game\eu\logs\" 
  4. Click "2.UPLOAD";
  5. After successful loading and processing of the log - you will see detailed PVP and PVE statistics, as well as your statistics will be added to global ratings
  6. You can share a link to your statistics, the link is valid for 3 days
  7. After a successful download - look at the map of battles in the Open World, Arena Rating and PVE Player Rating

The game logs do not contain information about the login and password, but contains the history of the in-game chat.
We remind you that the warranties and obligations of Bitbox Privacy policy do not apply to tools and applications created by third parties(i.e. me). By providing game logs to third-party applications, the user, understanding all the risks, takes responsibility.
In turn, I give assurance that no other information, except information on the damage tag of the Guild is not going to, but after downloading and processing the log is automatically deleted

Last dev/news

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    no translation into English yet
    Постарался собрать для Вас информацию с различных исторических сайтов, чтобы дополнить имеющуюся у Вас информацию о всем любимым арбалетам!
    The mapping of the class of weapon that was killed was added to the kill board. The structure of the database, prepared to display interesting statistics on the killings and to sta...
    Help Desk
    Friends! I want to make the lifdamage project the best for you.
    I do not always have the opportunity to read the channel in the discord, and sometimes your reports are lost....
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    Традиционное сравнение урона оружия после очередного патча.Стало ли лучше?...

How to upload logs?