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[CNVT] Convictus

by  in Guild recruitment Read 314

Convictus is a multi-national gaming guild. Originally created for the Life is Feudal MMO in Buyan.

We are members of the FU (Feudal Union) and a lot of our players are based out of the Oceanic region.

We expect every member to contribute to the development of the guild in game and socially and in return,

we provide a supportive network of people that can help you achieve whatever your desire.

We are always recruiting so feel free to hit us up here:


Last modified on Monday, 04 February 2019 16:39
  • Killboard

    The mapping of the class of weapon that was killed was added to the kill board. The structure of the database, prepared to display interesting statistics on the killings and to start new mini-events.

    Read 4315 times

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