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20, Nov

Good night, feudal!
All you have noticed a change in the rating calculations and damage in the Instant battles.

I will tell you more about it to exclude all disputes and misunderstandings

LIF comics Part1
18, Nov

Very comical comic describing the exit of the Guild of Leningrad from the Alliance TFA


16, Nov

      Come one, come all! , November 17 at 18:00 UTC, put your skills to the test - literally - in our latest stress test on Avalon. Win awesome prizes, while also aiding LiF:MMO server side optimizations!

      Rumor has it that wanderers happened upon a fortress on Server 24 of Avalon, concealing treasures that only the bravest of warriors can extract.
With great prizes at stake like 90 quality weapons, T3 armor, various weaponry for everyone, gold and even top tier horses, it is safe to assume each participant will be out for themselves in this free for all event!

Two castle captured
15, Nov

Welcome you once again, dear readers. Today i want to tell you about some events and the situation of the past few days in general.

Let's start with the main thing - Guild Leningrad, which was a part of the TFA alliance, fron now and forever belongs to the guild Masons. Exact reasons are unknown, but rumours tell it was an inside job, and we're looking at consequences.

Поговорим об Арене
15, Nov


Только тогда мы научимся побеждать, когда мы не будем бояться признавать свои поражения и недостатки(Ленин)

Совсем недавно наткнулся в ютубе на видео, где один замечательный воин из одной замечательной немецкой гильдии разделывает меня на Арене в пух и прах, и всё это - одной левой, как говорится.

Bloody wednesday
14, Nov

Few days earlier:
French troops, who bought the territory of the former guild castle GOHA, decided to move closer to the Migelia castle and tried to gain a foothold on a plateau in the south of the mountainside.
Timely reconnaissance allowed not to base the fort on the enemy in this place. In order to prevent the French troops from occupying territory, a temporary outpost was built on this plateau.

February 20, 1035:

New November Mechanics
13, Nov

New calculation mechanics. In November, many interesting and new mechanics were added to calculate the rating in the game Life is Feudal MMO.
More will focus on each of them.

2:1 Wins Resistance
11, Nov


Get comfortable for ladies and gentlemen! Over the past 3 days, a lot has happened on the political map. Resistance Alliance can safely celebrate the victory over the castle Enslaved. Unfortunately, the enemy understood that the castle would not stand, and decided to completely surrender from the castle and destroy everything after him. Our opponents give it for the relocation of the guild, but we all understand that the extra structure with the walls will not interfere with the alliance and can not be simply abandoned. Nevertheless, the score is already 2: 1 in favor of Resistance.

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