Gross Meiser or Flamberg?

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Traditional weapon damage comparison after another patch.Is it better? 
Традиционное сравнение урона оружия после очередного патча.Стало ли лучше?



Not so long ago, the developers of the game Life is Feudal MMO announced another patch, which made great changes to the combat system on all servers.
What has changed? Did Binart manage to refine the system and balance the damage? What weapons are used most often?

The first change that every Life is Feudal MMO player saw and felt is the end of   the era of naked fighters. Just one blow to the naked body - and you can forget about the battle and the battle, most likely you will be dead.
An arrow in a bare torso for 125 damage? Easy. Remember to put on your armor before leaving your castle.

Personally, my opinion - the armor has now become protected. Fights began to last longer - this is a fact. For example, the average life expectancy in Instance battle increased by 1.5 minutes.

Like last time, I tried to compare the damage of the average damage of weapons in the game Life is Feudal MMO, as well as get the distribution of damage by interest on the main types of weapons (you can read the previous comparison in the article -  Analyze the combat patch). Just as in the previous time - the crushing damage was excluded from the calculations in order not to take into account the blows with the handle

Question: Did Binart manage to refine the system and balance the damage? My opinion turned out. The results of the comparison "before" and "after" are shown in the table: Click to zoom

For each type of weapon - the main part of the blows falls on the damage from 0 to 20.   The average damage per hit (generally average for all weapons) is 19.83 damage. The average damage of each weapon is approximately in this range.   A heavy crossbow in Life   is Feudal MMO   - average damage 44.56 - but in order to get out of it, you must have straight arms. The balance is - thanks Binart!

If we compare with the last correctly working combat system, which was on Avalon and suited the majority of players, the damage of each weapon decreased. (yes, yes, it affects the resist of the armor, but now I’m only talking about how much the weapon inflicts on the player).

Finally, which weapons are most often fought in the game Life is Feudal MMO?
I made a small sample based on logs loaded during the week (Instance battles, arenas, battles in the Open World)

Hope you enjoyed this article. Play, upload logs!


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Weapon Average dmg

Img Weapon Damage
Arbalest 37
Morning Star 36
Maul 34
Jousting Lance 33
Medium Pike 32
Light Crossbow 32
Bastard Sword 28
Lance 28
Broad Axe 26
Javelin 25
Sledge Hammer 24
Bardiche 24
Flamberge 24
Long Bow 24
Pollaxe 23
Flanged Mace 23
Decorated Jousting Lance 23
Big Falchion 23
Composite Bow 22
Partisan 22
Zwei haender 22
Claymore 21
Guisarme 21
Short Bow 21
Estoc 20
Long Pike 20
Simple Bow 19
Falchion 19
Gross Messer 19
Boar Spear 18
Glaive 18
Awl Pike 18
War Pick 18
Cudgel 17
Battle Axe 17
Staff 15
Spear 15
Nordic Sword 15
Scimitar 15
Nordic Axe 14
War Axe 14
Naphta Bomb 9