January updates

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January updates. Plans for further development


With the return of Feudal!

I spent a little time during the holidays and decided to make a couple of global changes, which will be discussed later. Let's start:

  1. Fixed a bug due to which sometimes several logs of one player in a battle in a day were not summarized
  2. Changed the minimum required number of arenas in Arena Challenge to participate in choosing the best fighter of the week. Now 10 arenas are enough to compete for the title of the best fighter
  3. Added the ability to view general statistics on the character - I would like to talk about this in more detail


So, personal statistics.
Previously, personal statistics was available only to registered users, and in a very limited way. Now after you have downloaded the log to the site, in the upper right corner you will see a link-picture on the personal statistics of the characters who were in this log.
What does it include?

  • Now it is possible to change the guild tag, if for some reason the tag is not correctly defined

  • Added general information on the damage of each weapon in parts of the body. The statistics are cumulative, for the entire history of your fights in Open World PVP in the game Life is Feudal MMO
  • Added visualization of damage to body parts in the form of pie charts, for a better understanding of which weapon skills need to be improved
  • Added visualization of damage dynamics in Open World PVP battles so that you can track improvements in your combat success.
  • Added information about the top 15 players you killed


What will be added soon?

  1. In the personal statistics, information will appear on the total number of players killed
  2. A comparative rating will appear among other players, displaying weekly dynamics (changing the rating among other players)
  3. A guild rating will appear that will take into account many parameters.


We have resumed work the discord channel where you can get help, ask any question on the lifdamage project and offer new interesting things in statistics. Here is the link to the discord 

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Latest news

Weapon Average dmg

Img Weapon Damage
Arbalest 37
Morning Star 36
Maul 34
Jousting Lance 33
Medium Pike 32
Light Crossbow 32
Bastard Sword 28
Lance 28
Broad Axe 26
Javelin 25
Sledge Hammer 24
Bardiche 24
Flamberge 24
Long Bow 24
Pollaxe 23
Flanged Mace 23
Decorated Jousting Lance 23
Big Falchion 23
Composite Bow 22
Partisan 22
Zwei haender 22
Claymore 21
Guisarme 21
Short Bow 21
Estoc 20
Long Pike 20
Simple Bow 19
Falchion 19
Gross Messer 19
Boar Spear 18
Glaive 18
Awl Pike 18
War Pick 18
Cudgel 17
Battle Axe 17
Staff 15
Spear 15
Nordic Sword 15
Scimitar 15
Nordic Axe 14
War Axe 14
Naphta Bomb 9