Godenland. The PVP results of the 2019-2020

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It's time to take stock of the "second" season of Life is Feudal MMO. All ratings and all data are made up of game logs that players uploaded to our website. 
If we talk about the results of the website - the "second" season was much more popular, the maximum traffic to the site was 1200 unique visitors per day, and on average 300-400 visitors visited the site daily. Thank you.

Time to take stock and determine the best players of the season, the best guilds. But all in turn.

Instant Battle:

This season, logs were uploaded by265 instant battle
Died in all battles 9172 players
Died 983 horses
The most attacking guild  -  Kingdom of Longfellows, attacked other guilds 36 time
Most often had to defend the guild Blood and Glory, 21 time

Most interesting, the best IB players. For objectivity of the results, the players who fought in more than 20 battles are selected.

Statistics for all IB players you can see HERE



OpenWorld PVP:

Unfortunately, data is only available. с 2019-07-31.

Killed in battle 28553 players.
Died 6977 horses.
Fired 1 310 546 arrows.  With an average arrow length of 60cm, if you lay out the road from the arrows, then its length would be 786km (Distance from Brussels to Berlin)

Rating players by class. Compiled by the total amount of damage this season.

 Top best killers for the season of the game


OpenWorld PVP Guild Rankings:



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Latest news

Weapon Average dmg

Img Weapon Damage
Arbalest 37
Morning Star 36
Maul 34
Jousting Lance 33
Medium Pike 32
Light Crossbow 32
Bastard Sword 28
Lance 28
Broad Axe 26
Javelin 25
Sledge Hammer 24
Bardiche 24
Flamberge 24
Long Bow 24
Pollaxe 23
Flanged Mace 23
Decorated Jousting Lance 23
Big Falchion 23
Composite Bow 22
Partisan 22
Zwei haender 22
Claymore 21
Guisarme 21
Short Bow 21
Estoc 20
Long Pike 20
Simple Bow 19
Falchion 19
Gross Messer 19
Boar Spear 18
Glaive 18
Awl Pike 18
War Pick 18
Cudgel 17
Battle Axe 17
Staff 15
Spear 15
Nordic Sword 15
Scimitar 15
Nordic Axe 14
War Axe 14
Naphta Bomb 9