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DevBlog October 2018

Write on: Thu, 01 Nov 2018 by  in DevBlog Read 330

Hello Feudal !

October was a very productive month for change and events. You could read many changes in short news stories.
Before I talk about what was done, I would like to share my plans for November:

  1. Friendly damage will be added to the IB rating - you have asked for this for so long
  2. Add news from the life of the guilds, each willing guild will be able to post news on my site
  3. Add a market
  4. Offer new ideas and we can make a truly interesting resource

What was done this month:

  1. The site structure has been completely redesigned, which will add new features in the future
  2. & nbsp; The first event in the history of the project was held. & nbsp; Almost everything went smoothly, I promise you, the next event will be even more interesting. & Nbsp; & nbsp;
    About the winners: & nbsp;
    Top 3 winners in the category “Instance fights”

    Топ 3 победителей в номинации "Инстанс бои"
    # Guild Player RP
    1 MAS Kykyshka_MASON 1384
    2 EFC Rassal_Craster 1247
    3 HO Thicc_Lancc 1240

    Топ 3 победителей "Арены"
    # Guild Player RP
    1 MAS FrauOtto_MASON 155
    2 BTM Alfonza_Montfort 152
    3 MIG Imseti_Lubovnik 139

    Топ 3 Судных часов
    # Guild Player RP
    1 CM xMIDGARDx_Ragnarok 2717
    2 KoLF Zamn_Zaddy 2516
    3 LB Alfonzo_Montfort 1685

    Players in the TOP-5 received prizes in each category: Premium 1 month, Weapon skinof your choice, Bannerof your choice, Death insurance (10) x2 + booster1
  3. Fixed bugs that led to incorrect display of the number of murders and the fact of death on IB
  4. Added support for Italian
  5. Added a player’s personal account, where information on all instances of the player’s battles is currently visible
Last modified on Thursday, 01 November 2018 20:03
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