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Добавлены в статистику два новых класса игроков.
Two new player classes have been added to the statistics.

It is worth paying attention to the important classes of players who have not been previously added to the rating. In ratings added 2 class players: Doctors and control trebuchets. More about this in the material


      Doctors-an important class of players that is needed in the battles of the game Life is Feudal MMO. It's the players that cause little damage, but treat the soldiers who are fighting on the front lines of the battle.
      Now in the ratings of the project lifdamage each cured fighter will give rating points to the doctor. After uploading the log, you can see in the text version of the mark on the treatment of the player, as in the rating of the judgment hour in the game Life is Feudal MMO every player you cured-add you rating points


      Few people know the names of some of the important fighters on the siege of any castle in the game Life is Feudal MMO. These are the players who control the trebuchets throughout the siege, and allow the fighters to get into the castle through the wreckage of the walls and gates.
      Now these players will see detailed statistics after loading their log, and the damage of the trebuchet will also fall into the General statistics of the judgment hour


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Weapon Average dmg

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Arbalest 37
Morning Star 36
Maul 34
Jousting Lance 33
Medium Pike 32
Light Crossbow 32
Bastard Sword 28
Lance 28
Broad Axe 26
Javelin 25
Sledge Hammer 24
Bardiche 24
Flamberge 24
Long Bow 24
Pollaxe 23
Flanged Mace 23
Decorated Jousting Lance 23
Big Falchion 23
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Zwei haender 22
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Falchion 19
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Glaive 18
Awl Pike 18
War Pick 18
Cudgel 17
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