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Analyze the combat patch

Write on: Wed, 09 Jan 2019 by  in DevBlog Read 1201

Cравнение урона оружия "ДО" и "ПОСЛЕ" комбат патча.
Weapon damage. BEFORE and AFTER combat patch.

      It's time to compare weapon damage before and after the patch. For the analysis, data were used before the patch was introduced, and the data that was collected from your Life is Feudal MMO logs after the patch. This can be used as a guide or hint, which weapon is better to choose. The tables below list the most common weapons used in the game Life is Feudal MMO.

      Contrary to general panic, global changes in damage are numbers and statistics show the opposite. To compare the statistics, more than 1000 strikes were taken with each weapon, crushing and impact damage were excluded.  In the tables below, you can see how many percent of hits from the total number gives damage in the ranges from 0 to 10, 10-20, and so on. It is seen as it was, and as it became. I also compared the average weapon damage in the Life is Feudal MMO game and highlighted the weapons - which have changed a lot in terms of damage.

      Let's start with the damage of swords and morgans, brakes. The damage of the Sword of the Northerners changed by 5 points upwards, and for me personally it became much better than the Gross Messer, which I have long used. The damage is the same, but the Sword of the Northerners wins in striking speed. If you are a swordsman and are not fighting with the sword of northerners, I advise you to take a closer look at these weapons. 
      Two-handed weapons - added in damage. Centaurs approve. But with Morgenstern, not everything is clear. He began to give out a little more damage close to 50, because of this, the average has also changed. Yes, a lot depends on the armor for which you beat - but for this same armor, the players of Life is Feudal MMO beat before the patch.

       As I said, the two-handed weapon added. Brodex? !!? An increase of more than 15 damage. Well, with boar spears, everything is clear. Who goes to the arenas - everyone hates a naked guy with a spear. Well, probably it should be - being pierced with a spear is probably not very pleasant..

       With long-range weapons - we see a strong increase only in a heavy crossbow and light crossbow. A heavy crossbow just more often began to give damage between 40-60. Light crossbow damage shifted to higher ranges

      I hope this article has helped you once again make sure how you fight with weapons. If someone has other thoughts or tips, I have only stated my thoughts based on the numbers I have received, write to me in the discord Device (Lifdamage)#2521

Last modified on Wednesday, 09 January 2019 21:35

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