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Something new about the new map

Write on: Thu, 17 Jan 2019 by  in DevBlog Read 2262

Немного о новой карте,новое фото, и бот для дискорда

A little bit about the new map, a new photo, and a bot for the discord

As you know, very little time is left before the announcement of the new map in the game Life If Feudal MMO. The game developers shared with us only four photos of the new map.

Let's look at them and try to relate the information received at the AMA with Bobby and with what we see. At the end of the article you will see another new photo map.


  • 1) At AMA, Bobik said that they are doing everything possible (early autumn) to minimize the collection of the maximum number of players in one place. My opinion is that on the new map, the mountains will limit the free and fast movement of players over long distances (for how long? Will there be enthusiasts who will dig up a mountain or dig tunnels through it over the course of a month).

Life is feudal New Map

  • 1a) But there are 2 more circumstances that give us hope for epic battles and sieges. Currently, work on optimizing the game Life is Feudal MMO is noticeable. If you compare the siege, which were for example in the summer (ping 600-1000) and now - the difference is obvious. Instance battle - no longer lag. And even 100x100 (I watched IB where there were 180 people) - you can fight. As I said, regarding the limitations of the mountains, these are just my thoughts, and we can hope that the mass gatherings of players (over 300 people) will not lag
  • 2) Biomes to be. North, savanna, Middle-earth. I think the climate map will not change much.

Life is feudal New Map

  • 3) Islands - where do without them. The island is an ideal place for autists (in a good sense of the word). However, the island is good only for guilds who do not plan to actively use PVP content. The players of Life is Feudal MMO have a choice - either to fill the bridge, which in any case will be overcome by the enemies), or for any activity outside the island - swim across every time the Barbarians guild on the Avalon server did

Life is feudal New Map

  • 4) There is something new that I want to show. This is another photo of the new map of the game Life is Feudal MMO, which was not previously shown to you.

Life is feudal New Map

  • 5) In the end, I want to tell you about the beginning of work on the bot for the discord, which will display notifications about the player's statistics in the discord chat, notify about new events on the site and so on. I think you will like its functionality. Maybe I will create a bot specifically for this game, which will simplify and bring something new to control your channel discord
Last modified on Thursday, 17 January 2019 12:24

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