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О NPC, как они будут выглядеть? Что будет в лагере?
About NPC, what will they look like? What will happen in the camp?


In the new expected patch game Life is Feudal MMO game developers, the company Bitbox, announced the emergence of NPC characters natives

On the new map, the developers promise us, we will see whole camps and settlements of the natives.

I am sure (solely my opinion, based on logic and the study of previously published materials) that the natives will look like

This image has been on the official website of the game Life is Feudal MMO for six months in the concept art section. Where did I get such confidence? Let's take a closer look at the Life is Feudal MMO game update page 0.2.0. Go to the Native section and see the following:

Two of two matches! I think the models of NPC characters, if they change, slightly.
Moving on. At about the same time, when the developers of the game Life is Feudal announced the first time NPC characters - the following images appeared on the LIF wiki:

Based on the concept art of NPC models, as well as on the concepts of camp details - the native camp will not look as much as many imagine. After the patch game Life is Feudal MMO in the camp of the natives - you will definitely not be happy.

This article is just my conclusion. Images taken from the official website of the game Life if Feudal MMO and wiki site

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