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Отличная возможность рекрутировать большую гильдию в игре Life is Feudal MMO.
A great opportunity to recruit a large Guild in the game Life is Feudal MMO.

It is very important at the start of a new map in the game Life is Feudal MMO have a large number and a strong Guild. That is why I give the opportunity to all interested guilds to advertise about the recruitment in Your Guild

Place information about the set in Your Guild on the site and you will receive:

  • 1) website Traffic over 500 visits per day
  • 2) Excellent indexing site search engines, use your article more words "Guild", "Life is Feudal MMO" and you will get more chances that your article will get into the top search engines
  • 3) Expand the recognition of your Guild, using the article cool images Of your castle

Сlick the link and select "New post" from the menu to write the ad. Become a majestic Guild in the game Life is Feudal MMO on the new map 0.2.0

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