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DevBlog (5)

20, Nov

Good night, feudal!
All you have noticed a change in the rating calculations and damage in the Instant battles.

I will tell you more about it to exclude all disputes and misunderstandings

16, Nov

      Come one, come all! , November 17 at 18:00 UTC, put your skills to the test - literally - in our latest stress test on Avalon. Win awesome prizes, while also aiding LiF:MMO server side optimizations!

      Rumor has it that wanderers happened upon a fortress on Server 24 of Avalon, concealing treasures that only the bravest of warriors can extract.
With great prizes at stake like 90 quality weapons, T3 armor, various weaponry for everyone, gold and even top tier horses, it is safe to assume each participant will be out for themselves in this free for all event!

New November Mechanics
13, Nov

New calculation mechanics. In November, many interesting and new mechanics were added to calculate the rating in the game Life is Feudal MMO.
More will focus on each of them.

Any interesting news?
01, Nov

Do you have any interesting news? Do you want to post news on a regular basis? Offer news, or post articles yourself. 

For regular authors, I suggest a percentage of the ad module display in the article. Let's make our game even more interesting. Tell us about your Guild, life in the game and interesting events

DevBlog October 2018
01, Nov

Hello Feudal !

October was a very productive month for change and events. You could read many changes in short news stories.
Before I talk about what was done, I would like to share my plans for November:

Latest news