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Resistance (3)

Two castle captured
15, Nov

Welcome you once again, dear readers. Today i want to tell you about some events and the situation of the past few days in general.

Let's start with the main thing - Guild Leningrad, which was a part of the TFA alliance, fron now and forever belongs to the guild Masons. Exact reasons are unknown, but rumours tell it was an inside job, and we're looking at consequences.

2:1 Wins Resistance
11, Nov


Get comfortable for ladies and gentlemen! Over the past 3 days, a lot has happened on the political map. Resistance Alliance can safely celebrate the victory over the castle Enslaved. Unfortunately, the enemy understood that the castle would not stand, and decided to completely surrender from the castle and destroy everything after him. Our opponents give it for the relocation of the guild, but we all understand that the extra structure with the walls will not interfere with the alliance and can not be simply abandoned. Nevertheless, the score is already 2: 1 in favor of Resistance.

Resistance.Beginning of history
07, Nov

       Greetings, ladies and gentlemen, today I want to tell you about what is happening in your beloved (no) life with you Life is Feudal on Avalon server, namely the political situation in general.

      I will say at once that I represent the alliance (Resistans) and some of my vision of this or that situation may seem biased to you, but I will try to please everyone)) I want to tell the story of my alliance. As we remember, half a year ago there was still no resistance and those people who are now in it, were subject to constant attacks from the enemy, and the alliance of the TFA. But at one point, people realized that one by one they would not be able to fight a strong adversary and negotiations began with the goal of creating an alliance to destroy the TFA, I would immediately note that it was not a defense against him. So our fond and friendly Alliance Resistans appeared. At the moment, the world is divided into 2 blocks, Resistans and TPA. I can't say who is stronger, because the situation is constantly changing.

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