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The Guard die but do not surrender 18, Jan

The siege of the RF castles lasts two weeks. This is one of the most protracted and massive sieges in the near

Something new about the new map 17, Jan

Немного о новой карте,новое фото, и бот для дискорда

A little bit about the new map, a new photo, and a bot for the discord

Analyze the combat patch 09, Jan

Cравнение урона оружия "ДО" и "ПОСЛЕ" комбат патча.
Weapon damage. BEFORE and AFTER combat patch.

Do not forget about the support fighters 06, Jan

Добавлены в статистику два новых класса игроков.
Two new player classes have been added to the statistics.

First winter patch notes 02, Dec

New portion of changes on the site:

  • Added Chinese language support (Simplified)
    The following languages ​​are now supported: English , French , German , Russian , Italian , Hungarian, Polish, Chinese (simplified)
  • Hard HP damage is highlighted.
  • Damage classes mapped (Archers, Cavalry, Swordsmen, Berserkers, Grenade Damage)
  • The work on the definition of Friendly Damage in the Instance Battles
  • Simplified display of information displayed after loading the log
Patch Notes INSTANCE BATTLE 20, Nov

Good night, feudal!
All you have noticed a change in the rating calculations and damage in the Instant battles.

I will tell you more about it to exclude all disputes and misunderstandings

New November Mechanics 13, Nov

New calculation mechanics. In November, many interesting and new mechanics were added to calculate the rating in the game Life is Feudal MMO.
More will focus on each of them.

Any interesting news? 01, Nov

Do you have any interesting news? Do you want to post news on a regular basis? Offer news, or post articles yourself. 

For regular authors, I suggest a percentage of the ad module display in the article. Let's make our game even more interesting. Tell us about your Guild, life in the game and interesting events

DevBlog October 2018 01, Nov

Hello Feudal !

October was a very productive month for change and events. You could read many changes in short news stories.
Before I talk about what was done, I would like to share my plans for November:

Latest news