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LIF comics Part1 18, Nov

Very comical comic describing the exit of the Guild of Leningrad from the Alliance TFA


Messages from battlefields 08, Nov

I welcome you my young Padawan! 

I have decided to tell you a little bit events from the server Avalon too. We were told recently (thanks to the blog of the Device) that has appeared new zerg alliance, under the name Resistance. 

It very well means there will be many interesting fights, and now there are a little reports from the front. Tfa slowly pressurizes guild of Siners. From when that the Big and beautiful Castle there was continuous ruins and a paling a closing monument and also sticking out there here castle Towers, it looks of course as a crocodile without teeth. Thanks to the opponent that he so strenuously protects him thereby create interesting content of a siege. 

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