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IB:Seigneurie D Amance vs Frozen CroW.2020-06-12
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assaulters defenders
numbers of players logs 1 1
Died 0 0
Dealt damage 83 57
Damage per 1 plr 83 57
Your stats: dmg: % of all side damage: %

Side Tag Nick Class RP
83 128 1 0 07605
FCWJWanheida_La Guertta
57 0 0 0 04005

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# Tag Dmg
Kills Ppl Per

Best This IB Players

Best Lancer:
FCWJ Wanheida_La Guertta0
Best Berserk:
BRK Kloko_Belither83
Best Archer:
FCWJ Wanheida_La Guertta57
Best Swordman:
FCWJ Wanheida_La Guertta0
Best Spearmen:
FCWJ Wanheida_La Guertta0
Best "Tank":
BRK Kloko_Belither128
Best Grenadire:
FCWJ Wanheida_La Guertta0