LIF Damage Meter

This Site is designed to summarize and analyze the damage you ve dealt and received in fights in Life is Feudal: MMO.

what is currently implemented:

  • Counting and displaying a visualization of received and damage caused, with interest on parts of the body
  • Output of the table with the damage done and received for each player
  • Separation of the loaded logs on the types of battles : Open world, arena, Instance battle
  • rating For each type of battle
  • GLOBAL ranking of players of the ARENA ( it is the quality of the fight, not the number of murders sostiene)
  • Rating inside each battle IB (among all players who fought in this battle and uploaded their log)
  • Global rating of IB fighters
  • and more
How to use::
  1. Click the button to select a file and select the log of the game session you are interested in.
  2. For the Steam version, the LOG files are located here:
    "\steamapps\common\Life is Feudal MMO\game\eu\logs\" ( for EU server ) 
    "\steamapps\common\Life is Feudal MMO\game\cis\logs\" ( for CIS server )
  3. Click "UPLOAD";
  4. After processing of your game s LOG file, you ll get information about who and where you ve hit, which type and how much damage you ve inflicted or sustained.
  5. After uploading the general statistics will appear, however you can select any time interval from your log and click "REQUEST"
  6. Share your results with friends, enemies and co-soldiers. Each result is available by a unique link

If your log is too large and does not load through the standard form - use LOADER LARGE LOGS

Development by [MIG]Device RU#2521

If you want to support the project:

The game logs do not contain information about the login and password, but contains the history of the in-game chat.
We remind you that the warranties and obligations of Bitbox Privacy policy do not apply to tools and applications created by third parties(i.e. me). By providing game logs to third-party applications, the user, understanding all the risks, takes responsibility.
In turn, I give assurance that no other information, except information on the damage tag of the Guild is not going to, but after downloading and processing the log is automatically deleted


Greetings, FEUDAL

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